Tuesday, 10 June 2014


We are off to the Ukulele festival of Great Britain soon and I usually rock up with my spinning wheel and spend the day in the cafe in Cheltenham town hall whilst he wanders off to do various workshops. At the moment we seem to be workshop free and trundling round my wheel is more difficult these days so I'm planning to take something else.

I mentioned this to one of the musicians who is playing there and he said that maybe I should take a loom this year, an inkle loom would be easier to carry and I just happen to have another celtic strap on one that was recently started.

In the Sunday, the uke players get together and busk en mass outside Waterstones in the centre of cheltenham so I thought that maybe I would hide inside somewhere like Costa with the the small loom and work on this.

well, that's the plan at the moment :-)


Araignee said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Maggi said...

Love the colours in the second one although the black and white one is very striking. Enjoy the festival.