Friday, 31 July 2015

here we go again

yep, I'm off work again, have been since Tuesday this week with the same virus. This time I am really getting fed up with it and I've found that I'm tending to sit and not do anything much although moving leads to coughing which leads to sitting down again!!

I've now got about 3/4 of the bobbins on the wide edging, just taking time to work out how to start the rest of them as the pattern guidance starts on the corner and is quite faded, I will get there though.

I've popped the bookmark into a plastic folder and hubby is quite impressed with it and says I should design my own to sell....I would usually say that I don't have the time but at the moment...

 I'm sticking with torchon for a bit before going back to Bucks that was my real love, I'm enjoying the logic of the prickings at the moment. ( I have made Beds and Honiton in the dim and distant past )
 I found an old lace pillow stand during the spare room clear out, Its designed to be used with round pillows and I tend to prefer block ones but this old pillow fits making a good compromise.

I now have a roller block the first step to making a travel pillow, just need to sort out the card and material and check to see if I have any wadding left over from quilting.

Have a good week, speak soon x


Araignee said... is beautiful!!!!

Maggi said...

Love it. Sorry to hear about the return of the virus.