Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lace failure

So, I got all geared up, found a pattern for a wide torchon edging so I will have something to get my teeth into and started to wind my bobbins with some of the old lace thread that was in my drawer. I tried snapping the thread and it seemed ok so went ahead a wound a dozen bobbins, no probs with the first fan. I did find it a real brain teaser to start to set up the pattern without a guide, but was managing it. I got halfway through the half stitch diamond when one of the threads just drifted apart,

I had another rummage and this time found a spool of Finca 50, emptied all the bobbins and tried again.

Beginning to look a lot better this time, the old thread is now heading for the bin!! Speak soon xx


Araignee said...

Oh, no.....I also had a lace failure of a different kind yesterday. My fine yarn for my pi shawl in progress is felting together in the ball from the friction of pulling it from the center. I should have pulled from the outside. Grrrr.....

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Isn't it funny how old thread on the ball gets funky, but it seems fine if it's part of a lace piece? Good luck with the new thread!