Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sorting out the book shelf and some lacey thoughts

I have plenty of books, rather we have plenty of books! Many of which have sat on the shelves for years simply taking up space . Unfortunately most of these don't have any real value and may only make 50p on ebay so I'm checking values and popping them into the charity box. Amongst them are a few ladybird books but having done a quick search on the net I've found that there is no real value to any of these, just a sentimental value .
I finally managed to sort out two boxes of books to go to the local charity shop, three have made there way back onto the shelf as he hadn't read them but its nice to get some of the pile of books next to the sofa sorted away!!

I must confess that I followed this up by falling asleep for a couple of hours, the thunderstorm last night kept me awake and I was also wide awake a bit too early this morning for my liking.

Back to the lace, I need some sort of focus for this, a project that will give me variety of styles but not just strips like I have been doing to try and practise. I don't want to embark on any major piece of work and I know that I get distracted easily by other crafts but I do have the threads, books and purchased patterns that are just sitting around doing nothing.

Some time ago I thought about making bookmarks rather than sample pieces as they would look good displayed together in a book or sewn on to a long narrow cloth that can be kept rolled up when not needed. I started putting ideas together on my pintrest page ( ) for inspiration and I'm trying to find out which books some of them are from or at least who designed them so I can buy the pattern. I don't feel confident to design my own.

I will have a think about it............looking back at the lace I made years ago, some of which is on this blog, I feel that I have forgotten so much about this lovely craft.


deanna7trees said...

i go to lace class once a week and usually just work on the lace when in class. i sometimes forget from week to week so staying away from it for a long while would be like starting over for me. i've just set up a small pillow for myself so that i can experiment with different ideas before doing a big project. you might consider doing a sampler with all types of ground stitches. i did that and made it into a little pouch that holds some of my lace tools. there's a picture of it here on an early blog post:

Guzzisue said...

Hi, thats a really good idea and I love your bobbin pouch and you've some leaves/tallies... I really don't like doing them!

deanna7trees said...

i know how you feel about the leaf tallies. i have to relearn every time i do them. check out this video. i'm going to try his method next time.

Guzzisue said...

thanks I'll check it out, I've found a pricking for a simple bookmark so I'm winding bobbins at the moment to have a bash at it. x