Sunday, 31 January 2016

back to the drawing board

I need to practise my own sketching/drawing........haha I really need to practise!! most of my sketches comes out as colouring book type designs these days, I'm still occasionally using the 642 book for subject prompts.

Here is my finger, bit strange looking but there you are.

but then, given the subject 'key chain' I'm back in colouring book mode !!

Talking of colouring books....... I have to reduce the number of books that I own, I know I've mentioned this before BUT it is so difficult to let them go!! I sorted out another batch last week that I can let go to a charity shop but the number of books lurking in cupboards seems endless.

The first five books pulled out from here were colouring books, actually very detailed geometric colouring books which I must have picked up about 15 years ago when I was at college.

So, I showed these to Ian, said how difficult it is to get rid of any and we came to the conclusion that the best approach is to simply put all the books in subject order, then see if any duplicate the same info and work from there. These are going to be filed with my other colouring books for the time being.

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Araignee said...

I am heading off to Ikea as soon as possible to get yet another bookshelf so I can move the knitting books into a place where I can reach them. I hoarded books when I was about to retire and I have touched few of them preferring the internet or the library. So many books, so little time.