Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Incase you are missing the motorcycles.

Its quite some time since I've been on a bike mainly due to muscle problems in my left leg which has made getting on and off somewhat difficult!! Family circumstances have meant that even Ian hasn't been out of the bikes much but we did get over to the coast late last year to watch the first race of the sand racing season over at Mablethorpe towards the end of last year.

We took a chair for me, my camera and a lot of warm clothing as the wind was blowing straight down the prom. I took a lot of photos but only a few worth sharing, the first one is seriously cropped but made me smile. When practise laps started, the tide was still going out and this rider got a little too bit close to the water and fell off. When I had a look at the set of photos later I realised that he had spun the bike round before coming off . I hasten to add that he wasn't hurt!

Nothing quite so dramatic followed !

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Araignee said...

That poor fellow! How hard must it be to ride like that on wet sand. Amazing.