Tuesday, 12 January 2016

ooops I hadn't thought about that!!

Haha, just about to put the fabric on the frame, looked at it and thought oops 27 count, better try my stitching glasses ! I've tried them and may have to get some stronger ones for this project, we will see how we go.

I have also discovered that I can't iron out the creases in the fabric, looks like I will have to wash it gently first..... whose idea was this anyway????

I've also unearthed what I thought was a roll of cloth which has turned out to be several yards of what looks like 27 count fabric! I vaguely remember someone asking if I wanted some years ago but I think I now have a lifetime supply!!

Since I'm spending quite a bit of time on the computer or tablet, I find that I'm starting to look back at more traditional embroidery again. Its been years since I'm done any (more than 10 years since completing my C&Gs) so I'm collecting ideas on my Pintrest site for future reference.

Today, blackwork has caught my eye, I used to do this before C&G and I've loving some of the work that's out there. This is a very small sample from my C&G History of Embroidery file.

I think thats about it for today, speak soon xx

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Maggi said...

That fabric was definitely a good 'find'