Saturday, 23 January 2016

not a lot going on!

Hi, not a lot of creativity going on at the moment, just housework, shopping  and hospital appointments!

I've now been off work for around 5 weeks with at least two more to go. Its such a change from working full time and even though I'm having to take things slowly its given me the change to get back to doing things I love. The doodleband is coming along nicely and I think that this is because it was all the sampling of new techniques that I really enjoyed whilst doing my City and Guild certs years ago that I really enjoyed.

The scale of my thread collection is huge, I used to buy up any embroidery threads that I saw in charity shops and carboot sales!! I have a drawer full....The same with machine threads.

( top drawer embroidery threads, 2nd machine threads, 3rd lace threads, 4 misc bits and pieces)

This means I have been able to make the bags and indulge in a bit of stitching without having to go out and buy the necessary materials. I have a similar collection of lace making threads and equipment. I suppose its always been in the back of my mind that having this stuff put away will give me comfort when I don't have any funds for any reason.
It's probably not surprising that I also have a box of paints and inks etc!!! I'm just a creative hoarder!

Looking for a cheerful picture to brighten up the about Disney on Ice 2008 Finding Nemo?


Araignee said...

That is a lot of thread!
Nemo does make me happy but I'm not too thrilled with the ice right now. It's been a brutal 24 hours in this #&*@% blizzard. At least we still have power.

Guzzisue said...

I've been seeing the reports about the snow, fortunately we never get that much in this part of the UK.I hope you keep the power and keep warm x