Thursday, 21 January 2016

still sewing

Hi, another day of sewing the bags interspersed with throwing out the odd book. I'm trying to be strict with the books but its not easy. I'm thinking just 2/3 books per technique, do I really need so many on embroidery stitches when they all seem to cover pretty much the same ground. If a book has only one or two unusual ones, I can soon make notes and keep them with the cover.

I'm using this to make the cords, I've worked out that the length needed for each bag is from the end of the bed to the bookcase on the stairs......that's why there is a clamp on the bookcase ( I had to explain this the other night!)

I will be back with the embroidery once I've finished the bags!!

Back to 2015

We have a local show each September which always falls on the first week of our holidays so we generally miss it. Last year, family commitments meant that we were still around so I took a stroll across to the school folds where it is held.

There were many attactions, inluding the local jazz band.

 The Flower show

 and the dog show, although this pup found that he was to small to compete !!

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Araignee said...

The Mister doesn't even ask anymore when he finds weird stuff all over the house. I've got soap curing in the warm bathroom and sweater pieces blocking all over the place. Ones hobbies do tend to take over.
Those flower photos are beautiful.