Monday, 25 January 2016

under the bed

Remember I said that I wasn't sure what was under the bed? I knew that the 3 man tent that we use on bike rallies was there and I know that our own 2 man tents are stashed away in the cupboard, so where did this come from???

Obviously never been used and also far too lightweight for the sort of camping we do either together or individually. All we can think of is that we must have won it in a raffle at a bike rally??

There was a very large bag of fabric which I was well aware of and a suitcase full of lace samples from a lace factory that closed down 15/20 years ago.

I'll probably open the envelopes and stash all the lace together in a vacuum bag for the time being and get rid of the suitcase which is ancient, I remember it being used for family holidays when I was a kid !!.
Also hiding under there were two motorcycle seats.........

and looking at the chest of drawers with the unknown contents, you can just see yet another seat hiding underneath. These are all for just one of the bikes which despite being old has a perfectly good seat on it!!

Now the carpet is filthy from the dust on these items so I don't think much sewing is going to get done today, at least it will give the vacuum cleaner a good workout:-)

The last thing a found was a flat box which I had totally forgotten was my 30 year certificate from my employer......strange to think that I have worked for them for more than 30 years.

Couldn't resist, todays sunrise.

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Araignee said...

Whoa...that was quite a treasure hunt!