Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Spiegel Tent

Since today has been spent doing housework etc I thought I would share photos of the Spiegel Tent that spent some time in Nottingham last October.
Speigel Tent is Dutch for tent of mirrors and I found the following info about the one that landed up on our Market Square.

Old Market Square, Nottingham
Marlene Dietrich has performed in it, and Marilyn Monroe loved it. It’s over a century old, and it’s the largest surviving ‘tent of mirrors’ in the world! Now, visit The Spiegel Tent in Nottingham!
Nottingham’s Spiegel Tent, has spent its life travelling the world from New York to Sydney, the Dutch Lowlands festival, and now the East Midlands! The Spiegel Tent will bring unique and wonderful entertainment to The Old Market Square, Nottingham.
The Spiegel Tent is a beautiful European mirrored tent – as well as a travelling dance hall, bar and entertainment salon. Featuring a beautiful red velvet draped ceiling, stained glass windows, private booths and gorgeous period lighting. The circular central stage allows the entire audience of the tent to easily see the performance. There are only a handful of these unique and legendary ‘tents of mirrors’ left in the world today.

So how could I resist having a closer look inside?

 Stepping inside .....

Fantastic ! although the problem with mirrors is.......

sometimes they capture what you don't usually see !!