Tuesday, 15 March 2016

a stroll in the park..part two

where was I?

back in the park....

as youngsters we would head down to the playground which has changed completely,

or head to a brick shelter ( our favourite hang out) at one time a wall had been knocked out and rebuilt with the same bricks making the graffiti interesting and unique! The Shelter is no longer there and a cafe has been built serving coffee and cake.

Some artwork has been introduced though.

The train refers to the time when the railway used to run through the park over 50 years ago, the blocked entrances to the tunnels can still be seen, the sledges refer to the fact that the land slopes down towards the roads and makes an excellent toboggan run.

football matches generally take place at the top of the hill.

that's all for now, speak soon, xx

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Araignee said...

Those mosaics are beautiful! We have a park that added some local artist's work and I think it's just wonderful.