Sunday, 13 March 2016

it's back :-)

The nice man from the computer shop called again and returned the computer, clean, now with windows 10 loaded and some useful office software. Excellent customer service from this small business.

But the day went downhill as a test ride on the BMW threw up problems which meant that hubby wasn't going to get away for the weekend. After messing around with it, cussing it and eventually shutting it in the garage we jumped in the car and headed for the coast.

The nearest coast from here is 80 odd miles so we didn't get there until 4pm and it was starting to get cold ( remember this is winter , 5c is normal) so we had a walk to the pier.

some brave souls walked the beach

We had a laugh at the funfair signage, you can buy a wristband to go on the rides in the evening for just £10 after 5pm.....what time did the funfair close yesterday?   5pm !!

The mist started to come back down again

so we headed off to play the slots before having something to eat

 and I won another little camper van for my collection :-)

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