Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Hi, is it just me or does every spinner have a bag of singles wound up as balls? I have, mainly from spindle spinning or sometimes just because I got really fed up with the fibre.
My challenge is to see now many I can ply today. I finished the portland yesterday and this morning I finished some green merino.

I've just made a start on some yellowy orange stuff which may well be merino again.

And I have a bag of assorted oddments to have a go at, really not sure what these are.

Once they are washed and measured they will be stashed for knitting into small items.
I still have time on my hands,  another 4 weeks off work and the order to try and stop doing anything that makes me cough....mainly speaking and moving around. Hopefully this may give my throat time to recover  (with help from some drugs)from the last 9 months of coughing.
I'm drinking lots of water and hoping that my sense of taste and smell  comes back real soon !!

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Araignee said...

I have the same collection of odds and ends. They are too pretty to toss but not really useful. I should ply them all together one day and see what I get.