Wednesday, 20 July 2016

tour de fleece, day 18...are we at the end yet??

Hi, seriously, I am loving the fibre prep and spinning. I'm trying to decide which fleece to take on holiday with me in a few weeks time. I will be taking my wheel and hope to get some spinning done out in public as well as in the rented cottage.

So, today's update.

The light brown ryland is plyed and ready for a wash..

the grey ryland has dried and is in a pillow case so I emptied this out of its bag.

no idea what breed etc and the person who owns the sheep doesn't know either!! I'm also a little confused as to the true colour so will be test washing some of the locks.

 and this is the reverse....
I thought it was slightly felted but now I'm not so sure as it pulls apart without too much trouble.

the sample locks............

and after a quick bath....

Most of it is now on the line in the sun I'll have a play with the washed sample later today.


Araignee said...

Mystery fleece are so much fun! That looks like a beauty.
And no....we are not at the end yet but I sure wish we were!

Shiela Dixon said...

There are so many colours in there! I look forward to seeing how you spin it and what colour(s) the yarn looks. Have a good spinny holiday.