Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tour de fleece day three

Horrible Herdwick,

Just why would you want to spin this?? Coarse, no crimp to speak of and thick black kemp fibres!

I picked up this section of fleece on the Isle of Skye earlier this year simply because I had never spun it before.

After washing I've been attacking it with my wool combs, with a bit of care and at least 4 passes of the combs the fibres separate - not completely but enough to get a feel for the slightly softer undercoat.

When I pull the fibres off the combs, I try to pull just the grey ones. I've found it impossible to remove all of them although a few can be pulled out when spinning.

I'm spinning this quite thick with a very small amount of twist just to see how its turns out. It will be a very small sample square that is knitted from this fleece!

Watch this space!!

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Araignee said...

I had a Jacob fleece that looked like that once. Every other one I have ever had was soft and lovely to spin. This one was full of coarse hairs that looked like kitty whiskers. I should have known better but I spun it anyway and worked a year on a vest that feels like steel wool to wear. Lesson learned.