Monday, 4 July 2016

Tour de two

Sometime ago I bought a 3 kilo bag of mixed Charollais/beltex raw fleece off ebay. It was an impulse buy as I was just interested to see what the fleece was and how it spun and it was cheaper than buying smaller bags of the individual fleece.
After sorting it into the two different fleece types, I assumed that the short fleece was the charollais and the long one beltex although this didn't match up to the breed info I found on the net.
I eventually got an email back from the seller to say that she thinks this bag has texel in it instead so I am now assuming that this is still the charollais but the longer locks are texel. They are both whiteish so I've started with the charollais??

The Jacob that had been soaking overnight is now washed and on the line and the buckets have been refilled, two with jacob and one with ryland.

Quick update....bobbin wound off into centre pull ball, plyed and skeined. First breed sample complete and waitimg to be washed.


Araignee said...

What a transformation!

Shiela Dixon said...

That's incredibly neat yarn, beautiful.