Friday, 22 July 2016

Tour de fleece.. the end is in sight!

for those who are fed up with the constant spinning updates.. it finishes on Sunday!!

this doesn't mean that I will stop spinning !

I may not post everyday !

but you don't get rid of me that easily :-)

Anyway, for today, back to the spinning wheel, dark Ryeland this time. In case anyone is wondering, I am spinning mainly to around a 4 ply weight ready for some hat/mitten knitting. This means that again I am looking for as many different shades as possible. I could use the dyes but at the moment that doesn't grab me but in the future I may over dye some of the light greys.

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Araignee said...

After three weeks it becomes such a habit it is hard to think about giving it all up. I'm already sad. Thank goodness it's an Olympic year.