Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Scottish diaries. ...A day of delays


After clocking up more than 700 miles in the last few days we decided to have a late start and an amble around.

First off we went over to the nearby farm shop, the shop part was really small but some local veg etc however the cafe part looked wonderful with homemade cakes and soups and a small selection of local crafts. The walls were hung with paintings and an old spinning wheel was spotted on top of one of the cupboards. We have earmarked this cafe as somewhere to retreat if the weather gets really bad.

Outside the cafe was the residence of Bracken, a seven year old roe deer who used to live in a nearby wildlife park.

We then went over to Fort William which took some time as the bridge was open over the canal.

 Then the police stopped us as yet another wide heavy load was making it way across the area.

This is how to chill when stuck in a jam :-)

Further delays were caused by roadworks!

Fort William hasn't changed much, still a mix of closed shops, mountaineering / walking shops and eateries. So we raided the charity shops but only found a couple of books. There was an old spinning wheel in one shop with a broken bobbin, not really justifing the £200 price tag.

We did our shopping (the real reason for travelling there) and stopped of at the Glenfinnan moment on the way back.

Did I mention the rain ?? and I cast on a hat..

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Araignee said...

I need to get a uke to play when I'm stuck in traffic which is all the time. I have been known to take out the knitting but don't tell....