Monday, 19 September 2016

Scottish diaries...bikes,bikes,bikes


We woke up at about 6am yesterday so decided to get dressed and out to avoid the road closure. Left the cottage at 7 to find our way blocked by a police car, after a quick discussion and a check as to where the unusual load was we were allowed through. The next two police cars let us through and we took the back road out of fort Augustus heading up towards Inverness.

The mist was slowly lifting over the hills and in the valleys,  very few cars around so the wildlife was taking advantage of it. Sheep all over the road and at one point a deer was running up the road towards us but it neatly turned right at the junction. We later saw what may have been a couple of pine martins crossing the road.

We were heading to the Grampian motorcycle convention at Alford transport museum near Aberdeen.  We visited the museum a few years ago and they told us about the big event that they had held a few days earlier so this time we were determined to make it.

I have photos but none of the vintage bikes parked up as I was so tired on Saturday evening, I forgot to charge my camera up.

It was a good mix of vintage bikes ,stalls, a bit of racing and the purple  helmets...

So we start with the scooters...

Then move on to some classic bikes

then some more scooters...

The World Famous Purple Helmets !!

A bit of moped mayhem...

and some super moto

A very good day plus we avoided the rain until we were back around the loch Ness area. A slight diversion took us off the beaten track to look for a farm shop that had been recommended, it was closed but we will head back out there tomorrow.

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Araignee said...

That was certainly worth getting up early for. I love the Johnny Cash bike.