Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Scottish diaries, what no wine,

Another lazy morning spent knitting and chatting. Eventually we decided to brave the rain and head out towards Inverness.

Last time we were up in this area was about 14 years ago and we found a little winery up at moniak castle so that is were we were heading.  Slight problem,  took the back road into the village and couldn't find the castle. Retraced our steps and recognised the gate house but no signs that it was open to the public at all.  Drove back up to the main road through the village and we saw that the sign was blacked out.

A bit of research when we got back revealed that the castle us permanently closed and the winery no longer hand bottles the wine and the address on the website is for a winery in Devon.

Never mind, we drove up through Dingwall to Strathpeffer, a small interesting looking spa town and I think we will be popping back to visit further.  The actual reason for going to Strathpeffer was to visit the Highland museum of childhood which is housed in part of the old Victorian railway station.

It's a lovely small museum, dolls and toys, old photos of local children with details from their lives but the best bit was a short film of childhood reminiscences from four elderly residents of the area who I believe are no longer with us.

We followed this with lunch in the station cafe and a good look at the sculpture  (almost a totem pole) showing the history of Scotland from early days through iron age, viking attacks right up to nuclear power and north sea gas rigs.

We ended the day in tesco having decided that 3 carrots and a bit of cheese wouldn't make much of an evening meal !

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Araignee said...

That sculpture is amazing!