Sunday, 25 September 2016

Scottish diaries...wet,wet,wet

Yesterday, Wednesday 7 sept, we awoke to rain :-) so decided to have a slow morning knitting, spinning, watching TV and eating croissants. Well we are on holiday!

The garden here is full of birds,  many of which come up on the patio area and two so far have tried to get in only to realise how hard glass is. No birds have been injured.

Eventually we realised that it would be an idea to go out for some air so we went down into Fort Augustus, about 2 mile down the road.

Fort Augustus is at the bottom of Loch Ness where it meets the caladonian canal and is quite a tourist attraction with a flight of locks with a swing bridge at the bottom.

After wandering round the few shops (and picking up a darning needle to deal with the loose ends in my knitting) we walked up by the locks rathe intrigued  by the large boat moored at the top.

Getting closer we could see smoke coming from the chimney and smell the familiar smell of steam.
It was ....... A Clyde puffer boat built in 1943 now being used as a holiday boat carrying 12 passengers.

She caused a great stir as she descended the locks and got a round of applause and cheers when she reached the bottom.

Then back to the cottage and great British bake off on the telly.

Knitting update..

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Araignee said...

That boat is just too cute!