Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Scottish diaries, day 1

You will be reading this once we are back home but I really didn't want to advertise that we have been away for a couple of weeks.
Anyway, here we one

Set off about 6.30on the long drive north , this time around 430miles up to Fort Augustus at the bottom of Loch Ness.

A good drive up, a little rain, some traffic but all in all a good journey. We stopped off at Fort William for diesel and to pick up some food and then headed up to our home for the next two weeks.

 As Fort Augustus is at the bottom of Loch Ness and the start of the canal, there was one final holdup as the bridge was opened to let a boat through.

We stayed in a log cabin about 14 years ago on the same road so as soon as we reached this wonderful procession of trees we knew we were nearly there...just had to count the small bridges before turning off.

We have a few plans for the new few days including a biker convention tomorrow but it looks like a our plans might have been scuppered.

They are building a new power station near the cottage and a new turbine is being brought in tomorrow morning. This means that if we are not on the main road by 7.30 tomorrow morning, we will not be able to get out until after 10 as this thing is on a loader doing about 2 mph !

I think it's time to cook have a drink and grab some sleep,more tomorrow xx

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Araignee said...

I'm not much for traveling but I've always wanted to see Scotland.