Sunday, 9 October 2016

chit chat


Hubby has been away this weekend so I'm trying to empty the spare bedroom so we can get a single bed into it. This is proving to be a major challenge but it does mean that all my spinning stash has to go back in my work room and I can see clearly that spinning even a fraction of it will be a challenge!

and did you spot the interloper? Ashford Scholar #1, the day after I gave away the Kromski, this turned up on my doorstep!! It came from a friend who I hadn't seen for some time. It works but is a bit noisy for me ( the workroom is next to the bedroom, hubby works early shift so goes to bed very early) so I may pass it on to someone who wants a wheel but can't afford it.

Please excuse me, I'm watching the sky as it looks like rain and I have some skeins of yarn on the line !!
The grey pillow slip in the first picture contains all the oddments of batts and braids that I found when sorting out the large plastic boxes, the idea is to spin these up to get them out of the way and at the same time giving me some oddments for some fingerless mitts.

This will also keep me busy during the dark winter nights which are now on their way :-(

I'm getting towards the end of my hat and will be blocking that along with the croft house hat next weekend.
The skeins in the background are Ryland, Dorset poll lamb and the mystery caramel fleece, ready for the next hat.

As for the crofthouse...its destined to be a beanie as I miscalculated the stitches and missed out a pattern repeat !! but I enjoyed knitting it so will have another go.

The weird thing is I just can't get a decent photo of it!


Araignee said...

That's an impressive stash you have there!!!

Guzzisue said...

a bit too much !!