Sunday, 16 October 2016

I never did tell you about the clootie well!

We had a day out to visit the Black Isle in Scotland, we have visited this area before and decided to retrace our steps to the clootie well. Last time was maybe 18 years ago? and we had to drive around until we could see some evidence of cloths hanging in a tree. This time it is well signposted as an attraction, there even a small car park and a very well worn track through the undergrowth.

I've found a brief story about it here on undiscovered Scotland.

The whole area is much bigger than we remembered and is now on the 'tourist' route as evidenced by a coach full of overseas visitors being there when we arrived.

Not just T shirts and socks adorned the trees, some items held messages or maybe a list of where they had visited?

The well still exists, water trickles into a stone trough and the is a plastic cup to drink from, if you dare!

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Araignee said...

That is just fascinating! We just drove past a weird little well in the side of a rock mountain in Virginia that people stop to catch the trickle for curative reasons. The Mister remembers going there as a boy with his parents. No cloth though. That is really an amazing spectacle.