Sunday, 29 October 2017

I treated myself....then we treated ourselves


Some of you may know that I spin mainly on a Kromski Sonata that I bought maybe 8 years ago as a portable wheel. I also had a Kromski Symphony which I never really go on with and that was passed on to my spin buddy . An Ashford scholar arrived and was passed on to a new spinner but for a while I've found the Sonata too heavy and bulky to take out and about. I used to put it on a small trolley but since having to use a walking stick, this is no longer viable.

So, I started looking for another wheel, hopefully smaller, compact with a view to taking it on holidays etc in the future and I found a Louet Victoria for sale on the Internet. A bit of research told me that this may be the perfect wheel. I had seen several in action earlier in the year and everyone seemed happy with them. So we went out, about a month ago to look at it and buy it.
I had been  looking for one with this bag and happy to pay full price if necessary as several that I had seen advertised had a suitcase type bag which I really wasn't interested in.
Out of the bag it looks like this, very compact and opens out simply by pulling out the knob near the base. You can see the flyer has its own little home.
and next to her big sister you can see the difference in size

Picking up the wheel turned out to be very expensive as we called in at the Lincoln Motorhome show on the way.....cut a long story short, the wheel has a new home :-)

Time to start travelling again !!!

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Araignee said...

Oh, my golly. Congrats on the new wheel and the new wheels! Let the adventures begin!