Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Autumnal colours


Such a beautiful weekend, Saturday didn't start out too promising with heavy rain but by the time we had picked up the van it was easing off and stopped before we reached our destination.

This wasn't a long trip, in fact it was only about 15 miles but we needed to try out everything and this is one of the prettiest parks around at this time of year.

The campsite is in Clumber Park a beautiful setting but the downside is that it attracts all sorts of people and there are sign saying beware of thieves, digital locks on the facilities and a locked bike shed is provided rather that keeping your bikes with your van. The staff were very helpful and I was amused to find that when you get there most people plug in the electric then the TV. I didn't know that this was a camping option as we are more used to tents, motorcycles and farmers fields !! 

I love having a kitchen with an oven and a whistling kettle :-)

We have had a extra handle fitted on the outside to help me get in and out and still need to find homes for things so that they don't rattle ! but we love it and are busy planning our next trips away.

Speak soon x

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Araignee said...

So pretty! It must be nice to have a hot meal without having to build a fire.