Sunday, 1 October 2017


When I first started blogging ,it was to give me a reason to keep sewing, share our motorcycle travels and generally diary what I was up to.

Fast forward 10 years and its 4 years since I've been on a bike due to health issues, our travels have been limited, I don't sew very often and use spinning as a form of Zen.

But, now most family issued have sadly been resolved, we are intending to start to travel again although not by bike. Hopefully attend a few festivals and maybe the odd bike event.

We are both still working full time but that may change as we start to declutter the house and reuse/repurpose our belongings. I have a longing to be .... minimalist  isn't the word, never will be for a spinner but you probably get what I mean.

So, this will become the blog of a 50 something and her wanderings through life with her hubby and spinning wheel in tow.

Are you still here for the journey?

I have a few catch up posts to write as we did escape north of the border again recently :-)

speak soon x


Araignee said...

I'm here! Your photos are always worth the journey.

Shiela Dixon said...

Still here! Please keep blogging.

I do get the minimalist desire - it sounds as if we're similar. I'd love to have a nice clear space, and occasionally make an effort and get it clearer, but so many hobbies constantly on the go and no incentive to put things away (live by myself)