Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Nottingham Yarn Expo

so, Nottingham yarn expo...lovely building, lots of light, lots of space. It just didn't feel very busy to me.

As the name suggests, it was mainly yarn and I was surprised to see so many single breed yarns, undyed and beautiful. There were many indie dyers around even a few with spinning fibre for sale although probably not enough spinning related stalls to make me want to go back next time. Having said that, I probably will simply because its on my doorstep and it was great to be able to catch up with some of the stall holders that I know but don't often see.

suggestions put forward for next years show
1, a floor plan of exhibitors, lifts, toilets etc I'm sure some groups of stalls must have been missed by people.
2, signs outside the venue to tell you where it is. I knew where to head for but we collected several lost knitters on our travels.
3.If you have a group of spinners demonstrating their art then put them where they will be seen, not hidden in the 'basement'

I had intended just to window shop but decided to buy some fibre for next years outings in the van. Although my spinning wheel will fit in I don't really have room for a big bag of fleece, carders/combs etc

This is my haul, the braids are safely tucked away, the book has some beautiful patterns in it and maybe I will be brave enough to try one some time.

On the needles today is a hand spun Shetland yarn beanie, I just need to make up my mind about how to do the crown.

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Araignee said...

Too much to love here!!! What a great haul and that hat-spectacular!