Wednesday, 6 December 2017

back to my old habits

Yes, its getting towards the end of the year ( we don't do Christmas) so once again I'm looking and assessing the contents of my work room. Things really haven't changed much ! I manage to stay tidy(ish) for a few weeks then its back to stuff all over the place.

My knitting pics are deceptive...

 The reality is pretty grim!!

 and probably dangerous given that I can be unsteady on my feet. In my defence I have emptied 5 pillow cases, albeit not full ones, of fleece in the last month or so but I do seem to have an ongoing problem !!

Today is dedicated to making a start, working out what I have and maybe even a plan of what to spin next and how to spin it.. who knows ??

1 comment:

Araignee said...

WOW!!! You made me feel so much better about my own stash issue. Some people see a mess but I see lots of fun ahead!