Monday, 4 December 2017

Yarn and inspiration

Last year I treated myself to a pair of cheap slippers which have provided inspiration for my knitting and would also make interesting inkle weaving patterns.

See what I mean? the knitting is a hat ( no surprise there then) and the book is one that I have read before but quite sometime ago.

Here's a closer look at them and they are really comfy as well.

Since my last post we have visited Moreton in Marsh, I had intended to take photos but it was a damp, drizzly day and much of our time was spend trawling through the charity shops and drinking soup.

The evening was spent knitting and dozing in front of a DVD, such an exciting life!!

I can't even do the view from the kitchen window as there was so much road muck on the van! This is the view from the door.

The beginning of last week was spent carding and spinning this ryeland fleece which is now on the needles although I'm not sure of a design yet.

that's about it for this week, the brief snow shower midweek caused excitement but the temperatures seem to be heading back up to double figures again for this week.


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Araignee said...

I have been tempted myself to get some slippers that look just like those. They seem to be all the rage this year and in every store. Of course, as soon as I make up my mind to get a pair I'll never be able to find them. It seems to work this way for me. Last week peppermint ice cream was in all the stores. Today-not so much. :(