Sunday, 17 December 2017

Grey and dismal today

and its cold !!!

Yesterday we braved the cold and cleaned the van, I took the easy option and did the inside, repacking anything that can rattle !! It was sol cold in there that I could see my breath so I've left some more damp traps in it and we will take it out for a spin next weekend.

This morning I washed the last week or so spinning ready to knit the next hat.

Hebridian. Norfolk/Suffolk, Shetland and mule, ready to wound into balls once dry.

I've started again on the huge Ryland fleece again looking for the light grey shade. I still much prefer hand combed top for spinning.

I don't think I showed you my latest books? I picked this one up in Orkney and used one of the patterns in this hat that you may have seen before

and this one which was my treat to me knowing that I would be getting a small amount from the works lottery syndicate (just enough to cover the cost)

I did finish the last hat :-) so the needles are free for the next one once the yarn is dry.

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Araignee said...

What a beautiful collection of colors and that top is just so yummy!