Thursday, 28 December 2017

not quite what we planned !

The plan was simple, lets go away for Christmas and spend some time together. So we threw all our belongings into the van and drove up to Yorkshire.

Out of the city, into the countryside. A lovely drive up with blue skies and sunshine.

We were on our way to a campsite called Colman's in the village of Aysgarth in the Yorkshire Dales. This turned out to be a lovely little site, just room for 5 vans and a small reception office where we booked in. We also noticed a decent looking coffee machine in there along with frozen home made meals. After a quick tour of the site and directions to the village via the footpath beyond the hedge we set up the van for the next few days.

since the sun was still shinning it was off out for a walk and to enjoy the scenery.

Walking around Asygarth we noticed a small garden that said open on it. It turned out to be a rock garden that has been restored and like the Tardis it was a lot bigger than we first thought.

The afternoon was then spent comfortably in the pub then dinner and a film in the van

It was very, very windy that night and an early morning trip to the loo ended up with me falling over and injuring my foot. A trip to the local a&e followed where they assured  us that it wasn't broken but very badly bruised. The rest of the holiday was spent mostly inside for me, knitting and reading with my foot encased in a cold wet bandages and plastic bag!

Christmas day was very wet and windy  but the drive back on Boxing day was more pleasant. I love seeing things from the added height that the van gives you :-)

That's all for now, update on the foot and the knitting will be in the next post x

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Araignee said...

Oh, no..... poor you! I hope you are on the mend soon.