Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cabin Fever


So I've now been off work since 24th December and by now I was hoping to go out for a few steps each day but since Saturday I've not stepped out of the door. The forecast is for more snow until next week. Its not causing any major problems where we live but the footpaths are slippery and I'm not really wanting to fall again.

We have put our next trip to the camper van on hold until the weather improves:-( and I'm just getting a little fed up now with being stuck indoors.

I decided to knit something different as I had a couple of skeins of Rouge de L'ouest  sitting around doing nothing. I've cast on a Stormy sky shawl on size 6mm needles, Well, I really had problems with the circulars to start with and had to cast on using some dpns and then transfer to the circulars once I had a few rows done. 

I've given in and started to wash some of my recent spinning as its beginning to pile up and I will be wanting to use some of it soon.

Please excuse the torn wall paper, years of drying textiles and fibres have taken their toll :-)

I've also finished the beanie which is now washed and fits me quite nicely although I doubt that I will be keeping it. I've found that hats look fine until I put my glasses on then I tend to just look a bit daft in them.

Its still snowing so I'm going to tidy the kitchen, have a shower and change into comfy, snuggle clothes, make a coffee and knit xx

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Araignee said...

Stay warm! I've been seeing all the posts about the UK's big blizzard. We got totally cheated out of any real snow this year.