Sunday, 25 February 2018

Help, what to knit next?

I only knit small things, hats mainly :-) using my hand spun yarn. I'm looking for ideas of other things to knit but keeping it small scale as I get bored easily!

I have an unused stock of notebooks so maybe book covers? tablet covers, kindle covers? I want to keep it fair isle style but just fancy doing something a wee bit different.

In the fibre front, I managed to wash the Shetland skeins.

although I'm not sure what to do with them yet!

Yesterday we went over to the caravan and motor home show at Birmingham to do some shopping, Ever since we bought the van we have had a list of stuff that we need, the list now only has about 4 items on it so hopefully we are at the end of spending money on 'things' and can now concentrate on using it without suddenly realising that we don't have a corkscrew or tin opener.

Apart from essentials like mirror guards etc we bought a collapsible water container, fold down basket so I can carry mugs and things to the wash block without putting them in a bucket and also for moving things in and out of the van as it will hold my mug, knitting etc .

Because it was such a long day, I hired a mobility scooter to save being on crutches all day. Whilst it helped me I hated being invisible and hope that it will be many years before I need one again.


Araignee said...

The skeins turned out beautifully! I can't wait until you are back out on the road. I would love to have a small camper but I can't convince The Mister we need one.

Monica said...

How about coasters, slippers or mittens? The idea of a camper where I can travel and knit sounds fascinating!

Guzzisue said...

Araignee, we may be back on the road briefly at the weekend if the snow goes away :-) we are loving the camper especially as we can take our toys,can't wait for the summer when I can sit outside with a spinning wheel xx
Monica, thanks for the suggestions, maybe fingerless mitts ? I've seen patterns for cuffs but I've never seen anyone wearing them. In the meantime I think maybe a quick shawl? Thanks for dropping by xx