Tuesday, 20 February 2018

fleece wash day


A quick, short post. The sun is out and I've unpacked the two parcels that have been sat around since Friday. One is a light grey Shetland, very well skirted and it looks like the spine has been removed so presumably it was a bit felted.

it looks goods and should be nice and soft once spun.

The brown fleece is in pieces, but I love the colour so it will be washed very soon, again very well skirted with no rubbish that I could see.

I have noticed from my photos that I may be in need of a new camera, I will be looking a buying one in the summer.
At the same time, I dug out a bag of Ryland
but decided that I would never get the fleece back in its packing so it will have to wait for another day.

On the needles is another beanie, Ryland and mule ( I was just told mule so not sure exactly what it is, presumably BFL cross by the crimp and feel)

and on the wheel is Ryland/Zwarbles, I was given this fleece and its not the best but not too bad once spun up but I suspect it may be sold rather than knitted up by myself.

On the foot front, another long chat at the hospital and it seems that I did more damage than anticipated, recovery time is now set at a year plus although I'm looking at going back to work in a month or so.

I'm making the most of the free time that I have ( as long as I don't have to stand for too long or use my foot) and becoming friends with my crutches! We are off to a big camping show soon and I've booked a mobility scooter for the day to make life a little easier :-)

Speak soon xx

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Araignee said...

Your poor foot!
That new hat is just stunning and that brown fleece looks very interesting. I've got the spring itch to wash something but the fleece shed has nothing interesting in it at the moment.