Thursday, 8 March 2018


The blues of the last week or so vanished after I was able to get out of the house, ok I only made it into my work place to check in with my manager but the next day I felt so much better. Yes I'm still limping round on crutches but we've booked a campsite for a couple of days away so life is good !

Anyway, back to the mitts. I found a pattern on ravelry, some yarn of the right gauge ( ryeland and Jacob) and set to on the first one. Whilst I enjoyed the knitting I'm not happy with the result.
The corrugated rib is loose, the garter stitch at the fingers doesn't really work.

They also have a line separating front and back which really doesn't sit right on my hand.

So I tried knitting a plain mitt from another pattern with one or two adaptations. his time its a blend of Shetland and hebridean and white cheviot for the pattern. I'm not sure if this is any better.

I may just go back to knitting hats!!

On the spinning front, I have a bobbin and a half of bond spun up so far and I've started to wash some of the big ryland fleece.

This may take some time as it needed several rinses as its dirty/sandy. I may pop it in a cold water rinse overnight and see if that helps.

speak soon, xx

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Araignee said...

Soaking a fleece for washing....good times!!! The mitt is lovely. Too bad about the fit.