Thursday, 15 March 2018

It always rains !!

We have come to the conclusion that the weather is controlled by our camper van! every time we take it out, it RAINS !!
See what I mean? Friday was a quiet night in, I started some knitting whilst the man himself got the ukulele out for some practise.

 We spotted this small table which doubles as a camping stool in our local camp shop ( the top comes off to reveal a seat) packs away neatly into its own bag and takes up far less space than the table that is supplied with the van.

Fortunately the clouds started to clear the next day and we walked round the corner to the Nene Valley Railway and waited for a train to appear. Lovely little station to hang around on.

The plan was to have a ride on the train, explore the other stations and end up in Peterborough for a couple of hours.

More unusual engines awaited us at the next stop including this beauty from Switzerland.

and, of course, Thomas the Tank Engine.

Future projects included the restoration of this building which will require a serious amount of funding.

 Peterborough itself really requires more investigation, we didn't get time to see inside the cathedral or find the museum.

We did, however find a couple of interesting buildings, this is the Guildhall dated 1671 with a beautiful clock.

and this one, not so old (1911) although I would swear that old Henry is checking his phone.

I can be a bit of a railway nerd, its how I was brought up. as I hobbled into Peterborough I spotted a rather nice bridge and checked it out on the way back.

One last surprising item was the tracked Hovercraft train, I had never heard of it before but tracked down some footage on you tube. This example is in very poor condition and I suspect will never be restored.

speak soon, next time will be a knitting/spinning update as usual. xx

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Araignee said...

Your camper is so cozy!!! I could just cuddle up in there with a cup of tea and some knitting for the rest of my life....