Saturday, 2 June 2018

A quick fibre update

June 1st

So here we are, June already ! This has been a strange year so far :-)

More campervan tales to follow but this is a quick catch up on where I am with the fluffy stuff.

I have recently acquired two Boreray fleeces, I have not spun up any yet but they are now washed and living in pillowcases.

They are small fleeces and continue my desire to try as many breeds as possible... I suspect that I may be driving my other half mad with this!

I also have a another brown ryeland  and a Shropshire? on order but I'm awaiting shearing for that one. Also a North Ronaldsay fleece due to arrive sometime today, again this will be a small fleece but will be added to the list.

There are also a Jacob and possibly a mule due to wing their way here from a friend.

On the knitting front, not a lot happening as I'm busy prepping fibre for the Tour de Fleece that starts next month.

Prepped and bagged so far NorfolkXsuffolk ( the last of this fleece) Ryeland ( grey and dark brown)
Rouge de L'ouest ,  (again, the end of a fleece), Cheviot and Shetland. I also have a bag of purchased, prepped black North Ronaldsay that I bought in Kirkwall last year that I may spin to compare with my own prepped fleece.

I'll leave you with a photo from our recent trip, more to follow in the next post.

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