Sunday, 3 June 2018

More of Scotland in a van

Being away in the van rather than the usual rented cottage gave us chance to slow down and chill out. We landed up on Skye on the Sunday and called at the Old Byre for a chat with Claire and Neil before carrying on to the campsite at Edinbane. 

Skye bridge coming into view

Our conversation as usual was about moving onto the Island, we have discussed this many times but at the moment we both want to travel and do a few festivals before settling down somewhere out of the way.

The campsite was a bit of an eyeopener... we are used to the Caravan and Motorhome sites where they let you have a look for a pitch you fancy then pop back to reception and tell them the pitch number. The Camping and Caravan Cub have a very different system which wasn't helped by our booking receipt showing a 6.3m motorhome and their receipt showing a 7m caravan which they somehow tried to make out it was our fault? I think we know what vehicle we have. Also they were a little put out or maybe surprised by me wanting to pay for the four nights in cash.

So they helped us fill up with water and then two of the wardens walked us to our allocated pitch and made sure that we were in place ( we would have preferred a proper van pitch ) All evening we watched a procession of vans and caravans being walked round the site. It reminded me a bit of a funeral.

We soon found that sunsets and sunrises could be glorious occasions and if we tried, we could ignore the cuckoos. Phone reception was non existent in spite of the new mast in the new field and it always amazes us how many people immediately set up there TVs on arrival.

There is a fold down TV in the van, we've watched a DVD on it once and now its just something that we hit our heads on occasionally, if it didn't double up as the reversing camera we would probably take it out.

For the next few days hubby cycled around, we caught a bus into Portree to catch up with gossip at Skye Batiks ( we've shopped there for maybe 29 years now) and dropped into Island at the Edge which was next to the campsite.

I even got to teach a drop spindle workshop which was great fun at Island at the Edge, there were six spinners and newbies, tea and cake and a wonderful view over the Loch.

And this is Puffin Skye, our latest travelling companion  and just to prove that my knitting isn't always strewn around the van I had a tidy up :-) Spot the home for the crutches.

That's about it for now,  have a great weekend xx

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