Sunday, 10 June 2018

Fleecy goodness and a Ram with no ears.


My week has been a mad round of prepping fibres and there are currently two Shetland fleeces on the line. I'm trying to clear the fleece left from last year ready for this years arrivals :-)

This fleece is a lovely colour but its proving to be extremely dirty. I was worried that it was felted in places but it seems more that the lanolin was holding it together. I'll let you know once its dry.

The Ram with no ears? If you go into the museum in Moffat there is a collecting box to raise money to give the ram ears. This is the ram..

and it has no ears, read here

That's about all for today, more about Moffat and Scotland next time. I hope to have a couple of fleeces dropped off this morning and if the mister gets back in time we will be off to enjoy some music later.

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