Sunday, 22 July 2018

TDF day 13 -15 I think

This is spinning for Thursday 12 - Saturday 14

As I was busy packing for a festival on Thursday evening, the amount of progress made on the Jacob Texel was minimum but I did spin :-)

By 6pm on Friday we were on the road again, this time heading for Yewstock over near Stoke on Trent. This is a new one to us but we thought that we would take a chance and really its a good excuse for a relatively cheap weekend away.

Being in the van means spindle spinning on the way there and whilst we still had some daylight, this is some Charollais top dyed by Velvet sixpence which I bought last year with the intention of saving for a longer road trip so it may become an ongoing project.

 Saturday morning I was up bright and early so crept outside to take a couple of photos and then set up my wheel for some peaceful spinning on the site. We were quite lucky that we were able to park almost on the brow of this hill, you can't even see the vans and cars parked at the bottom !

My idea of heaven, spinning wheel, headphone and my phone or tablet with radio programs downloaded on it.

 Whilst it was quiet I took my wheel into the festival, got a few strange looks. Quote of the weekend was "ooh, you're spinning ! I thought it was a homemade fan to keep you cool" and she was quite serious :-) The local film maker for the festival also had a field day filming me spinning from every angle so I'll let you know if it ever appears !

This was a small pub based festival, mainly locals and 100 or so people camping. The bands were good, especially one called the Hedge Gods so I looked them up on you tube..

All in all a good weekend with the added bonus of some serious spinning on Saturday

I hope to do some spinning today (Sunday) will update again real soon xx

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