Monday, 29 June 2020

Tour de Fleece day 3


Its been wet and wild day outside today so I knuckled down and finish the first bobbin of Jacob, did some music practice then finished the second bobbin.

I forgot to take a photo until I was already plying the yarn.

Anyway, here is the finished skein to add to the wash bag :-)

As usual, I will check yardage etc once washed.

Todays listening was:-

the final chapters of Wednesday's Child by Peter Robinson

The Prehistory Guys podcast #14 from May 2019

The first few chapters of Frost at Christmas by R D Wingfield

You may have spotted the common denominator with the books, they are both easy listening detective stories.

Now to sort our some fluff to spin tomorrow :-)

Safe spinning xx


Araignee said...

Beautiful singles!!!

Guzzisue said...

this one was a beautiful fleece :-)