Friday, 4 September 2020

sorry I'm late


Life has got back to normal since the excitement of the power cut and garden excavation!! I've even been on a bus or two and done some shopping on my own out there in the big wide world.

Craft wise, just a bit of knitting and some lace to show this week as I've been busy trying to assemble a holiday wardrobe, not easy when most of your clothes are 2 sizes too big. Fortunately elastic waists on skirts help and I've found one pair of jeans that sort of fit.

My Mum came to the rescue and handed me four pairs of leggings that she had never worn, they had been bought for her whilst in hospital and she never regained the weight that she lost ( which she is pleased about) so they may not be my style but will probably be worn under skirts for most of winter.

One thing I have discovered is that if I go shopping on my own, that chocolate bar will jump into the basket !!

Anyway, here is the lace..

and the knitting

Have a great weekend x

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Araignee said...

Life does get in the way for sure. I am having a really hard time trying to keep up the blog with this isolation thing going on. The lace is perfection. Well done!