Monday, 11 January 2021

Slightly warmer


First thing... we have had the boiler fixed temporarily and we are now waiting on a new part so we have heating !! makes life more comfortable especially as we are both at home this week.

We are back in lockdown so my time is spent baking, crafting and doing the occasional bit of housework so not much change there.

Finally my hat is finished, I never thought I would get it off the needles. I swear that this is the longest time that I have spent on just one hat.

The photos make my head look a little strange in shape but its due to having a french plait at the back, also as this is the back you can see the jog in the back where the pattern changes,.

Baking this week was mainly biscuits so hubby can grab a couple for breakfast at 3am. They are oat based with ginger and spices.

The spinning wheel has been out and another 4 bobbins spun and plyed, I tend to put around 60gm per bobbin, this is still the carded oddments from past projects.

The end result has been around 900gm spun and waiting to be washed, even if this just makes a few plain hats it will have been worth it rather than just bin the excess.

The first fill for the Steady Thread Blackwork stitch along has been published and stitched. I have the second one waiting to be stitched later this week.

I'm also making some progress on the Blackwork Journey 2017 SAL.

The weather has remained around 1/2C so has been frosty and the occasional snow shower, hopefully this week will be a little warmer.

That's about it for now, I've no plans to leave the house so may have more crafty bits to share next week. Thanks for reading, take care xx


Araignee said...

The hat is gorgeous!!! Totally worth the time and trouble.

Monica said...

Oh much gorgeousness in one post. The hat is beautiful. Don't get me started on the handspun yarn. What a nice lot.....and then you also show needlework? It is like I found my "soulmate" blog :-) So happy to be a new follower! Thanks for the inspiration.

Guzzisue said...

Araignee, thanks xx

Guzzisue said...

Monica, I've had a quick look at your blog, I see what you mean :-) Thanks for following. I try and post each week but sometimes I don't have a lot to show/say. Content should improve once we are allowed out and about again xx