Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Thanks Margaret

I had the following message from Margaret of Little works of Art

Hi Sue, I have just been nominated for an award by Barbara of Embroidery Overlaps as a blog that’ brings her inspiration and makes her appreciate the blogosphere’, and of course I have to do the same to 10 blogs that do it for me! You therefore meet the criteria that I would expect of such a blog. So consider yourself well and truly nominated!

A big thank you Margaret, its always good to find out who is reading ( if anyone) and I will certainly pass the award on in due course. One thing I have noticed is that we share the same taste in textile blogs!

Anyway, on the subject of Textiles, here is the Atc going in the post for Anna. The challenge was to use the washers sent to us by Anna. Layer of black velvet, heated painted Tyvec envelope, black net, hand stitch, machine stitch and breaded. The washers were wrapped with machine embroidery threads.


Doreen Kinkade said...

I totally agree with Margaret!!
Love what you made from Anna's washers.
Doreen K.

Susan said...

I really enjoy the mix of motorcycles and bone sewing tools! Your entire blog reminds me how multi-faceted embroiderers really are! Thanks so much for sharing!
PS Thanks, too, for your nice comments on my blog!

Helen Suzanne said...

interesting way of using those washers. The ATC looks great :D