Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Stitch along

Over on Stitchin Fingers there is a group called hand embroidery who have a thing called stitch a long- no deadlines just chose your stitches from the list and do your own thing. You can attempt all of the stitches but no one will shout if you don't. Many are doing band samplers but I quite fancy doing small books of some kind ( I have an idea based on this post on Jacquelines blog but I'm not sure if it will work)
Anyway, I have started with an easy one - back stitch. Ohh I do intend doing more than one stitch in most of the samples.

design 3.5 inch across


sharonb said...

This is very effective - love it

Miss 376 said...

That looks lovely, it's amazing how such a simple stitch can produce such exciting results

Frances said...

interesting, I have thought I may make some of my tast samples into a book, the idea came as I am doing them on handmade paper,
I like your sample so far, did you paint the fabric, I like the way the colour shape goes with the design,
I must post about the hand embroidery,

Thelma said...

Your stitchin is very neatly done. Love the idea of what you have done with the backstitch.