Saturday, 25 November 2017

knitting, more spinning and some old wheels


I finally finished the hat, I'm getting quicker but family hospital visiting means that I'm down to a row or two a day when I eventually get home!

What do you think, this was a grey Shetland fleece which ranged from nearly black to light grey across it. I picked out the darkest locks I could find, spun them to a fairly fine 4 ply to match the white Shetland which was spun whilst we were on Skye earlier in the year.

I'm starting to spin the rest of the fleece, it is washed but still quite greasy which is making it an easy spin and a bit of a surprise to see how it is when washed.

The skein is thicker, more woollen and very soft.

Going back to our trip to Orkney, I'll leave you with a few pics of random spinning wheels. I had thought that there would be more spinning, yarn based indie outlets than there were. We dropped in at the Little Orkney Dye shed and The Wool Shed where I had first played on her spinning wheel maybe 9 years ago.

Corrigall Farm Museum

 Fossil museum, Burray

and I think this one was in Kirkwall Museum

If you like a giggle, I was recently sent this photo of a wheel that someone wanted to rehome, if you are a spinner I'm sure that you will soon spot the problem.

I have put her in touch with someone who restores wheels and teaches spinning, I'm sure it will have a new lease of life.

That's about it for now, speak soon x

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Araignee said...

The hat is spectacular!!! That carved wheel is just the prettiest thing and as for that poor lame wheel...good luck with that!