Sunday, 24 June 2018

Tdf count down

We are now starting the count down to the Tour de Fleece 2018. Just two more weeks to wash and prep fleece ready for the big spin.

I had been steadily working through my fleece stash and nearly all of it was washed until my mate turned up with my Jacob fleece that had been left at his house.

As you can see, its been stored for a while and try as I did, I couldn't get it to roll out nicely but its a nice fleece and really clean.

I've spilt the grey from the white, there is a little brown but I'll probably blend that in. I'm looking for some white skeins for a hat and some grey marled skeins probably to use in a fair isle something:-)

Unfortunately the Jacob brought some friends along... another Jacob, 1/2 mule, 2 unknown, a Shetland and a bag of Norfolk Horn.

And a Southdown dropped in by post !!

No wonder this has been a fleece washing weekend!

I have already washed some of one of the unknown breed fleeces, filthy fleece but washed up lovely and white, proper woolly feel to it so maybe some down breed in the mix somewhere?

I still have a couple of bobbins to empty on the wheels then I will be ready to kick off TDF18 with a visit to the Wool Experience and I suspect more fleece will follow me home.

that's about it for now, more to follow soon plus we are planning another camper trip so keep an eye out for that one.

speak soon xx

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