Sunday, 8 July 2018

And they're off!!

2nd attempt !! blogger managed to delete the last version of this post just as I finished it ! and failed to save a copy. So I am now well pi***sed off but I will get myself a coffee and try again ( once I've calmed down a bit)

Ok, caffeine ingested…

(tour de fleece,  a spinning challenge that runs alongside the tour de France, you set your own gaols and challenges and many of us join a group or two to encourage others. More details on Ravelry or Tour de Fleece 2018 page on facebook. You will find that many other groups if you search on line. I simply aim to spin every day to spin down the stash and increase my yarn stock)

I started the TDF early on the first day with some rather nice Jacob fleece. I'm using my Kromski Sonata as my main wheel, the Victoria and spindles will make an appearance when I'm out and about.

That's about 50gm so far.

To kick off the tour in style I went to the Wool Experience at Blaze farm with fellow spinner Pete to do a bit of shopping and spend some time catching up with the gossip.

Our first stop was to get a pulled pork cob for breakfast before heading out to the barn. Once there we made a bee line for the fleece stall and depleted their stock slightly!

Soon we settled down to spin with swallows swooping in above us to feed their young and sheep making us aware of their presence at the other end of the barn.

Every so often the sound of shears drifted across as another sheep lost their coat and given the temperatures I guess they were very thankful .

On the way back we ran into the usual country traffic jam and even spotted a water mill :-)

More about the fleeces purchased, TDF progress and chit chat next time

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